Business Services

handconstrcOur goal

Working with our clients to achieve profitable and sustainable growth.

How we do it?

We bring our experience and knowledge (local and international) organizations and managing people, we give a practical approach and orient to achieve results in a shorter time. We broke new ground, traduciento strategy into action, promoting innovation, aligning wills, developing attitudes and results, generating mainly illusion.

We believe that excellence in execution and consistency in monitoring are the keys to success.

What are the areas we work?

Strategy Development and Business Transformation

  • Diagnosis and Processes – Analysis 360
  • Strategic plan / Business Model / Growth drivers
  • Route to market / Distributive / Channel Platform
  • Product Portfolio / Segmentation / Positioning
  • Select the device / Partners / Organization

Corporate Governance & Finance

  • Turnaround / Mergers / Acquisitions / Due Diligence 360
  • Integration of new acquisitions / Exit Strategy and Information
  • Value of the transaction and its implementation
  • Representing our clients throughout the process / road show to attract investors

Corporate Services

  • Advising the Executive Committee
  • Advice to Investors
  • Interim Management
  • Reputational Communication
  • CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility

Consulting & Management Training

Marketing and Sales

  • Plan ventas (Los 10 mandamientos)
  • Plan Marketing (6 P’s)
  • Plan Digital (Offline vs Online)
  • Plan de Innovación (Funnel)

Human Resources

  • Organizational / Focused Design internal and external customer
  • Identification / Assessment / Recruitment / Talent Development
  • Alignment of Wills (with advice / direction / equipment)
  • Individual and Team Coaching / Mentoring

Supply Chain

  • Productividad / Planificación / Gestión de procesos
  • Cost optimization throughout the supply chain / Line Management