The Dominican Republic, an inexhaustible country, not only for its beaches, the warmth of its people and its history but also for its dynamic growth and sustained political and macroeconomic stability, advanced telecommunications infrastructure, extraordinary tax advantages, comprehensive legislative compendium, its skilled and productive workforce, and their accession to the more strategic with U.S. trade agreements, the European Union, Latin America and the Caribbean, make the Dominican Republic offers the most favorable environment for Latin America foreign investment.

This extraordinary Caribbean country is not only the 5th largest trading partner of the United States in Latin America and the Caribbean, it is the largest consumer per capita, in the area of telecommunications and the largest exporter of cocoa and organic coffee to the Union European. Tourism, free zones, telecommunications and construction are key sectors of the Dominican economy, and these, along with agriculture, mining, banking, insurance and energy sectors are the most attractive sectors for investment foreign. A country where over 50 % of the population is less than 9.5 MM 25 is a country with tremendous potential for growth.

Spain, a wonderful country that has chosen the Dominican Republic, the main investor in the tourism sector and the third in foreign direct investment, also offers opportunities for investment, brokerage and partnership for growth companies in both countries. Spain can be considered for the Dominican Republic, as the main gateway to the European Union and the largest European country that can transmit, mother tongue, all the know how of its experience in Latin America. Not forgetting that imports, exports and international growth, play an important role in both economies.

Recall that the business opportunities arising in all economic times and to address these opportunities is essential to have a local partner and good consultant with experience in both markets to help Make it Possible.

PROXIES LAWS AND BUSINESS are available to help you delve into the advantages and possibilities of the Dominican Republic and Spain offered to foreign investors, identifying where and how to achieve their goals by providing professional advice appropriate to their needs and with guaranteed results.