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Cayo La Isla o Cayo Cabras

Cayo La Isla o Cayo Isla Cabras

Goat Isle is located in the north-west coast of the Dominican Republic, at approximately 20 kilometers north-west of the city of Puerto Plata, with access via Puerto Plata-Santiago highway. KEY POINT 1. A natural sandy beach with an approximate length of 400 to 500 mts. 2. On the south-east side along Isla Grande Bay Cove, rocky cliffs 10 to 15 mts above sea level. 3. On the north-west side we find Isla Chiquita Bay Cove, well protected, ideal for a marina. SURFACE AREA The isle has a total surface area of 238,037 M2 (58.82 Acres). DESTINATION, DISTANCE, AND TIME Descripción…

Norberto Barrera, 42 years in DR

Do we belong to the place we were born or we live? It is a question we might ask Norberto Barrera, who after 42 years in DR feels as Dominican as Spanish. The 42 years of experience in the Dominican Republic is a record that not many foreigners have achieved in the country. From his position he has managed a number of contacts by demonstrating much empathy and that knowledge is what allows him today to advise all new comers, either big or small. ​It is a pleasure to talk to someone who has so many stories to tell but…

Electricity Projects & Regulation 2015 – Dominican Republic

  Electricity Projects & Regulation 2015 - Dominican Republic Proxies Leyes & Negocios Thania Gómez and Paulo Alves are proud to have contributed the Dominican Republic chapter to LATIN LAWYER Reference - Electricity Projects & Regulation 2015.       Latin Lawyer Briefing Sign up to receive the latest Latin Lawyer news headlines for free     "Reproduced with permission from Law Business Research. This article was first published in LATIN LAWYER Reference - Electricity Projects & Regulation 2015 (Contributing Editors - J. Allen Miller and Raquel Bierzwinsky - Chadbourne & Parke LLP). For further information please visit: latinlawyer.com

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